digital · 24. September 2020
Some more details on the new UI, which we've started implementing already!
general · 22. September 2020
Here are the first few card art sketches and effect ideas for our upcoming "Wildwood Tales" expansion!
general · 17. September 2020
Our next Kickstarter campaign will feature updates to the mobile app as well as a brand-new expansion including a variety of enchanted creatures!
general · 15. September 2020
There are many games that explicitly draw a line between a planning and an execution phase. Decisions are often made in both, but the nature of those decisions is actually very different. This article discusses the effects of splitting up a game in this way.
general · 10. September 2020
After a lot of discussion and collecting tons of feedback and opinions, we decided for a setting for our upcoming third Crimson Company expansion!
digital · 08. September 2020
We're reworking the UI of our mobile app! Here are a few insights into what we're improving!
general · 02. September 2020
We narrowed down our options for the setting of Crimson Company's next expansion to two alternatives. What's your favorite and why?
digital · 01. September 2020
Crimson Company started years ago as a board game. However, we see a ton of potential in the digital version. Here's why!
general · 27. August 2020
We started working on a new Crimson Company expansion! This is your chance to share your ideas for settings, cards, mechanisms or any other thoughts on how to move forward with us!
digital · 25. August 2020
A new version of our mobile app is available in early access on Android, featuring a first iteration of an AI opponent to practice against anytime you like!

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