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digital · 13. October 2020
The overhauled UI for our mobile app is now available for everyone via Google Play!
digital · 09. October 2020
The new app UI can be tested. We invite you to have a look and give us feedback!
digital · 01. October 2020
Internal tests of the new UI have begun and it feels so much better already!
digital · 24. September 2020
Some more details on the new UI, which we've started implementing already!
digital · 08. September 2020
We're reworking the UI of our mobile app! Here are a few insights into what we're improving!
digital · 21. August 2020
After a couple of months "in between fundings", we're back in full swing on the development of the Crimson Company mobile app! Currently we're overhauling the UI and are integrating an AI to practice against whenever and how often you like!