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Real-money prizes for competitive play coming soon to mobile!
digital · 08. December 2021
Crimson Company is cooperating with acQyr eXchange to bring real-money rewards to competitive play in the mobile app.
New victory screen!
digital · 03. February 2021
The latest app update adds a new animated victory screen to show you where those XP are coming from!
Kickstarter coming February 23: New expansion and PC version!
general · 27. January 2021
Our new Kickstarter campaign for a new expansion and a PC version starts on February the 23rd!
First look at upcoming season trophies!
digital · 18. December 2020
In the future the Elo ladder of the Crimson Company app will be season-based. Each season will bring new trophies to collect!
digital · 11. December 2020
The first publically available iOS version is live right now!
digital · 24. November 2020
The new map progression is live! Meet all the game's characters on your way through the world of Crimson Company!
digital · 12. November 2020
Surprise, there's not just one world map, but one per set!
digital · 03. November 2020
The full rework of the new-player experience comes with five new characters!
digital · 03. November 2020
We're reworking the new-player experience and the way you unlock cards in the game!
digital · 27. October 2020
We added a bunch of brand-new cards from The Other Side expansion to the app!

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