New update with "practice vs. AI" mode!

On Google Play, you can now download a new version of our mobile app featuring the first iteration of an AI to practice against whenever you like! For now, you can find the option in the settings menu!


We're planning to improve upon the AI's behavior in future updates of course, so if you have any feedback, let us know in the comments of this blog post or in our Discord!


In general, the AI works in a pretty straight-forward way so far. It'll look at the current game state and assign values to the cards that are on offer to decide which cards it would like to acquire and also how much it should bid for it.


For example, when considering a card on offer that can destroy another one such as the Assassin, it will check whether there are any good targets on its opponent's (i.e. your) side of the board an raise or lower that card's value accordingly for its internal calculations. There are a bunch of other situations that can have an even stronger effect on the valuation of course, such as being able to win a lane with your next card (or maybe even the whole match).


Generally the AI should already make pretty decent decisions and be a good practice partner especially for newer players. In the long run, we'd like to get it to a point where it can even provide a good amount of challenge beyond that though.


So again, don't hesitate to give us feedback! Of course this goes not just for the AI, but the whole app. We're dedicated to making this the best competitive strategy game you can carry in your pocket!

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