First Wildwood Tales sketches and ideas!

Last week we announced our next Kickstarter for early next year! It will feature a new expansion: Wildwood Tales. Today we're showing you the first few work-in-progress sketches for new card art as well as some effect ideas we have for the cards. Please share your thoughts with us or suggest your own ideas for effects that would fit the theme of the cards!

Forest Guardian

Effect ideas:

  • Score: +3 strength for each card you have fewer than your opponent cards in this lane.
  • Passive: Your opponent cannot move cards away from or into this lane. ("rooted")

King Toad

Effect idea:

  • Buried. Swap this card with one of your opponent's cards. ("buried" = initially play this card face-down without an effect)

Giant Boar

Effect ideas:

  • Score: Flip one of your opponents cards
  • Buried. Destroy two of your opponent's cards.


Effect idea:

  • Take two cards from the offer and play one on each player's side, resolving all the effects yourself.

Disclaimer: All artwork shown and all card effects are highly work-in-progress at this stage, i.e. they haven't really been polished and/or tested at all. Still, we want to make the development process transparent to you and allow you to really participate and have an impact! Please feel free to comment below or join our Discord to get in touch! 

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