First glimpse at the upcoming world map!

We recently added 18 new cards from The Other Side expansion to our mobile app. Our next step will be reworking the way you unlock cards and with that improve the new-player experience to make the game a lot more welcoming to new players and rewarding in the long term.


Here's a first glimpse at how unlocking cards will work in the future:

Yes, that's right. You will travel trough the world of Crimson Company, meeting one legendary sellsword after another, making them part of your potential roster for future matches.


By the way, this rework includes a set of five new vanilla cards with a strength value, but without effects to ease new players into the game. We will showcase their amazing card art later this week!

Also don't forget we have an in-app contest right now where you can win a copy of Terraforming Mars! There are still two more weeks to go and points will be worth 3x and 4x their amount in those weeks! Find all the details are in our previous announcement post!

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