January season result and interview with our $100 champion


The January season was the first one in the Crimson Company mobile app (iOS / Android) that, thanks to our previously announced partnership with acQyr eXchange, awarded real-money vouchers to the three top players of the month!


 The top 3 of the month were:

  1.  JameGDG ($100)
  2.  Eydir ($33)
  3.  Meow ($10)

Congratulations to our winners! If you want to become our next champion to win $100 yourself (or one of the smaller prizes in our weekly contests), all without the need for NFTs or setting up a “crypto wallet" or other shenanigans, check out our instructions page and link your account to acQyr eXchange: https://www.crimsoncompany.cc/english/win-to-earn/ 

 In fact, we even managed to  hold an interview with our long-term top player JameGDG  who started by introducing himself:


 “My real name is actually James and I'm 37 years old. I'm Vietnamese, but born and raised in London. I'm a graphic designer and that's the GDG part actually, as on YouTube, I’m known as Graphic Design Guy. I've always grown up as a gamer, but outside of that, I enjoy photography, drawing, and traveling.”


 James has been active in the Crimson Company app for a long time and whenever you’re looking for a match, chances are you will run into him at some point.


“What drew me to the game the most was the fact that there was so much skill involved. Probably more skill than any card game I know actually. I could tell this was the case as when I first started playing, I saw players with 75%+ win rates, and being such a competitive person, I wanted to be just like that. And the more I played, the more details in the games I would notice, and it made me want to learn more and more. Even these days, almost a thousand games in, I'm still finding myself learning a thing or two in the games I play.”


Unsurprisingly for someone picking up on the competitive details of our game, James has a long history in playing video games of all kinds:


“Growing up in the 90s, I played a lot of console games. Mostly Nintendo games as I had a SNES and then N64. I have a brother and a lot of cousins, so we were always very competitive playing competitive games such as Street Fighter and Mario Kart. I also played lots of MMORPGs later on like Guild Wars. One of the biggest draws for me there was the community, it was amazing to be able to connect with so many players and be able to play together. And I got that sense when I first started playing Crimson Company actually. There were lots of friendly players even though it's such a competitive game. Nowadays, I'm a big board gamer and have a collection of over 300 games. That's actually how I came across Crimson Company when looking for good 2 player board games. Some of my favourite board games are Clank! Legacy, Quacks of Quidlenburg, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and Parks.”


And of course, a board gamer with such an impressive collection would have to say many positive things about the nature of non-digital gaming. (Hint: You can get physical copies of Crimson Company and its expansions right now in our shop!)


“My parents grew up playing card games mostly, as that was the only gaming they had access to when they were younger. I play with them too and that’s probably where I get my competitive nature :) I think nowadays most multiplayer gaming happens away from each other. It's mostly each person behind their own screen, whether on a computer screen or a mobile screen. Back in our days, I think it mostly happened in person. My cousins and I would always go over to each other's houses to play as that's how multiplayer worked for the most part back then. And I guess that's also partly why board games have gained so much popularity in recent years. A bit of nostalgia, the feeling of playing games together in person. It's very different, and for me, in a good way for sure. Having physical pieces to touch also plays a part of it. Also, I, as well as many others, spend a lot of time in front of a screen for work, so it's just nice to take a break from the screen I think. One last major factor I think, would be the fact that crowdfunding is an option for smaller publishers now. It makes it possible to turn great ideas like yours, into a fully published game where thousands of people can access it.”


Another big shoutout to JameGDG for being so open during the interview and for the passion he puts into our game! These are the players we’re doing this for! <3

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