Kickstarter coming February 23: New expansion and PC version!

Crimson Company returns to Kickstarter on February the 23rd!


On its mission to revolutionize the duelling card game genre, Crimson Company will make a big leap forward: The iOS and Android versions will officially head into Early Access! But there’s more - on the same day we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for a brand-new expansion and a cross-platform PC version.


All this will happen on the 23rd of February, accompanied among other things by board game veteran Tom Vasel and Hearthstone streamer Dekkster showcasing the game. If you’re interested in creating any kind of content yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our press kit!


But let’s cut to the chase: What is the game about and why do we think we can revolutionize the duelling card game genre with it?


Imagine Magic: The Gathering and chess had a baby. That baby then took a liking to the strategic aspects of lane-based MOBAs and decided to turn everything it knew about card games on its head by getting rid of decks, hands and mana costs. Now you either have an idea of what Crimson Company is about or you hopefully at least want to learn more!

After three successful Kickstarter campaigns for deluxe components, two expansions and a collector's box, the competitive card game returns to the crowdfunding platform on February the 23rd. Make sure to get notified on launch day!


There are two core purposes to the new Kickstarter campaign:

  1. The third expansion Wildwood Tales is set to grow the game's incredible depth and replayability. It comes with 25 cards in total: 20 brand-new cards with crazy effects and combo potential, as well as an additional 5-card mini expansion that includes vanilla cards. These are for easing your friends into the game,playing with kids or any other time you just want to simplify the experience.
  2. We also want to add more polish and features to the digital version that is currently in beta, available via iOS, Android or web browsers. Being one of the most competitive card games ever, Crimson Company is the perfect game for global online matchmaking! One of our ultimate goals is a complete wide-screen UI overhaul for the PC version!

February 23rd marks the app’s official start into Early Access!


Every pledge will come with exclusive in-app goodies and shards to unlock more awesome stuff for your account! Of course this is all on top of any physical rewards you want, such as the new expansion or the full collector's box including all sets released so far (including game modes for 1-4 players, cooperative play and 2 versus 2).


If you're already playing the app, note that there will be a final reset on the day the Kickstarter campaign launches! This means all accounts will start fresh and on an even playing field from that day. However, we will make sure to send out shard vouchers to the backers of our previous two Kickstarter campaigns and some extra juicy rewards to our most active testers from the Discord. We couldn't have done any of this without the help of our amazing community!


Speaking of which, here are a few ways to stay in touch and up to date on the latest news:

Stay tuned for more updates and let's bring Wildwood Tales and a PC version of Crimson Company to life together!


P.S.: If you’re looking forward to Wildwood Tales as much as we are, you can vote for it now in the BGG most anticipated games list!

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