Real-money prizes for competitive play coming soon to mobile!

As you may know, we were able to develop the early-access version of the Crimson Company mobile app (iOS / Android) in significant parts thanks to public funding (FFF and Bundesförderung). During the past months we were looking for opportunities for further development and marketing to attract new players. One of these will materialize pretty soon in the form of a cooperation with acQyr eXchange.


This brand-new platform allows you to redeem real-money rewards for in-game actions (initially only for US bank accounts, but they're already planning to expand that). We will use this model to push the competitive aspect of our game and give out additional incentives to players reaching the highest seasonal and weekly contest ranks.


More details soon, but for now here's our official press release!

Crimson Company is a duelling card game built around fair and quick matches with deep decision-making. In the future it will reward skillful play even further: For reaching the top ranks during the monthly seasons or weekly contests, players are paid real US Dollars. This is made possible by the integration of the US-based acQyr eXchange (QX), the first rewards redemption platform that allows players to redeem earned rewards into cash. For now, this service will only be available for players with a US bank account, but will be extended in the future.


The idea of rewarding players in a monetary way for their achievements is quite new and Crimson Company is on the forefront of integrating this brand-new service from acQyr eXchange. This perfectly matches the philosophy of Crimson Company to provide a highly competitive environment where learning and skill are honored.


By the 1st of January 2022, whenever a player is among the top three players for a season or weekly contest, a voucher is granted in addition to the trophy. This voucher can be redeemed for US dollars via the QX platform with an American bank account.


This is one of the first steps Crimson Company takes to move into a grand year 2022. While the game is still in its early-access phase, there is one more exciting improvement to matchmaking: When a player starts looking for a match within the first five minutes of every full hour, they will receive double the XP for playing. Stay tuned for more updates!


About Crimson Company


Crimson Company, with headquarters in Munich, Germany, is the developer of a mobile app of the same name offering an intense 20-minute duel about drafting an army of sellswords. Players get the accessibility of all the card games they love, but combined with the competitive nature and depth of chess. There's very little luck involved. Everything comes down to who makes the better decision.


About acQyr eXchange 


acQyr eXchange is the first public exchange to track and manage the digital assets (loyalty rewards, earned prizes, etc.) gamers acquire online which then can be redeemed for cash. The platform is initially available for mobile and online gaming.


acQyr eXchange was created to help mobile and online game publishers increase gameplay, improve customer retention, and grow revenue by providing a superior solution for redeeming digital assets. By allowing gamers to own and exchange all earned rewards from participating games into local currency, the exchange is a unique and powerful platform for developers of all sizes. For more information, please visit our website at acqyrexchange.com.

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