"Your strategy is going to change every time you play!"

Roll For Crit


"There's a lot of interesting decisions and every decision really matters!"

Meeple Town


"I'm really enjoying the tactical savviness in this one!"

Ultimate Tabletob Games


"Overall it's a very, very good game!"

Unfiltered Gamer


"It’s a fantastic little game, a MOBA in a box!"

The Kwaranteen


"An incredible amount of depth in terms of tactics and strategy!"

Board to Death


"The game has a lot of ways to achieve victory!"

Beaver Games


"It's a lot of fun!"

Failroad Express


"You’ll find yourself forced to make some quite difficult choices."
"Crimson Company is a successful debut game for the two German authors."
"Great replay value for a small box game."



"I like the aspect of trying to get in someone's head!"

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