"Your strategy is going to change every time you play!"

Roll For Crit


"There's a lot of interesting decisions and every decision really matters!"

Meeple Town


"I'm really enjoying the tactical savviness in this one!"

Ultimate Tabletob Games


"Overall it's a very, very good game!"

Unfiltered Gamer


"It’s a fantastic little game, a MOBA in a box!"

The Kwaranteen


"An incredible amount of depth in terms of tactics and strategy!"

Board to Death


"The game has a lot of ways to achieve victory!"

Beaver Games


"It's a lot of fun!"

Failroad Express


"The tug-of-war affair in this small box is engrossing and definitely feels larger than the sum of its parts."


"You’ll find yourself forced to make some quite difficult choices."
"Crimson Company is a successful debut game for the two German authors."
"Great replay value for a small box game."



"I like the aspect of trying to get in someone's head!"

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