New "vanilla" characters for the app

Aren't they a lovely band?

  • Scarecrow (strength 1)
  • Squire (strength 2)
  • Innkeeper (strength 3)
  • Watchman (strength 4)
  • Knight (strength 5)

These characters will be part of your initial collection in the app (alongside 10 characters from the normal base game) and will come with 1-5 strength points and without any effects. They will make it easier for new players to grasp what's going on because now not every single card will come with a unique special effect.


If you're worried about balancing: Yes, of course the Knight is much better than the Scarecrow. However, our unique bidding mechanism makes sure no card is ever "underpowered". You'll just be able to buy it for fewer coins (or get your opponent to pay you fewer coins for it). And as any experienced Crimson Company player will tell you, in certain situations just having "card tempo" is what matters, whatever the strength value of the card may be. Therefore we believe these new cards will be a great addition to the new-player experience and allow players to get accustomed to the core gameplay systems first.


By the way, those characters are not part of the 20 characters we plan for the Wildwood Tales expansion. We will provide them to you as an on-top bonus in the Kickstarter campaign. Don't forget to get notified once the campaign starts and tell your friends about it!

In other news RyanFourCC dominated the field in the first two weeks of our in-app contest (check out jeacaveo's reddit post for the results), but there are still two more weeks to come and points from those will be 3x and 4x worth their amount! Can this guy be stopped? ;)

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