Wildwood Sketches Round #2

One more round of work-in-progress sketches and effect ideas! Don't forget that you can already sign up for our upcoming Kickstarter featuring our new expansion: Wildwood Tales. We are very happy to get your feedback or additional ideas in the comments or our Discord channel.

Lost Knight

Effect ideas:

  • Income: Swap two cards of the same strength on the same side.
  • Income: If there is an even number of cards in this lane, move this card to another lane.

Mushroom Imp

Effect ideas:

  • Passive: When it's your opponent's income phase, gain one coin.
  • Flip a face-up card on each side of this lane.

Old God

Effect ideas:

  • Income: You may discard the upcoming card (on top of the deck).
  • Flip a card in this lane, then flip this card.

Raven Witch

Effect ideas:

  • Passive: When a lane is scored, move this card to that lane.
  • Buried. Flip your opponent's strongest card.  ("buried" = initially play this card face-down without an effect)

Disclaimer: All artwork shown and all card effects are highly work-in-progress at this stage, i.e. they haven't really been polished and/or tested at all. Still, we want to make the development process transparent to you and allow you to really participate and have an impact!

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