Wildwood Sketches Round #3

One more round of work-in-progress sketches and effect ideas! Don't forget that you can already sign up for our upcoming Kickstarter featuring our new expansion: Wildwood Tales. We are very happy to get your feedback or additional ideas in the comments or our Discord channel.


As always all artwork shown and all card effects are highly work-in-progress, i.e. they haven't really been polished and/or tested at all. Still, we want to make the development process transparent to you and allow you to really participate and have an impact!

Ghost Light

Passive: When your opponents plays a card with a Deployment effect, you decide how to resolve it.

Robin Hood

Take a coin from the richest player.


Passive: Whenever your opponent deploys a card, you decide in which lane.


Income: Flip any face-down card.

Reminder: App tournament starts tomorrow!

In case you missed it, we recently announced an app-based tournament with a brand-new copy of Terraforming Mars up for grabs for the winner! After our app was offline for a couple days last week due to an outage of our host's server, this tournament will start tomorrow! Keep an eye on the contest tab in-game!


Also, we'll have more exciting news to share regarding the mobile app later this week! Stay tuned!

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    Pedro (Wednesday, 21 October 2020 11:10)

    Regarding 'Ghost Light', I believe I understand the effect "When an opponents plays a card with a deployment effect, if there is a choice to be made, you get to chose which player/cards get targeted by it's effect". I could see it leading to questions regarding if I, as Ghost Light's owner, become the one generating the effect (e.g. would I be the one to get the coin with 'Robin Hood') ?
    I assume not, but it might be worth it to add to the FAQ (or rephrase the effect).