Wildwood Sketches Round #5

One more round of work-in-progress sketches and effect ideas! Don't forget that you can already sign up for our upcoming Kickstarter featuring our new expansion: Wildwood Tales. We are very happy to get your feedback or additional ideas in the comments or our Discord channel.


As always all artwork shown and all card effects are highly work-in-progress, i.e. they haven't really been polished and/or tested at all. Still, we want to make the development process transparent to you and allow you to really participate and have an impact!

Weasel Rider

Secretly look at the next three upcoming cards. Put them back in any order. (Scout)

Star Collector

Gain 1 coin per castle that has not been conquered yet.

Owl Griffin

Score: If you have fewer coins than your opponent, gain 2 strength.

Swamp Dread

Score: Gain 3 strength if it's your opponent's turn

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