Earth 2053: Tipping Point

In Earth 2053: Tipping Point 1-4 players represent countries that work together to prevent a global climate catastrophe. The main scoring happens on a physical seesaw board where "prevention" tokens are placed on one side and "pollution" tokens on the other. Filling the prevention side lets all players win (with optional placements based on who contributed the most). However, if the board tips towards the pollution side, all players lose.


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  • Some key information about the Prototype:
  • Players collectively try to prevent disasters from happening. Disasters that can not be prevented cause pollution, but can also provide a short-term economical benefits. There's an element of negotiation when it comes to which disasters to tackle and how much each player wants to invest.
  • complex player board represents each player's country and comes with its own set of strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. A needs circle inspired by "donut economics" indicates how well the different needs of the population are met, which helps generate the influence to fight climate change.
  • Players increase the fulfillment of needs primarily by playing action cards in 11 different categories. All players build up a grid of cards together and can get bonuses for matching adjacent categories.





Imminent and future disasters

Player board